Water-based Monotype Workshop

Session 1: Sat 4 February
Kate Arthur (the instructor for days 3 and 4) will start the session by explaining what water-based monotype is and how this technique differs to oil-based monotype. Kate will introduce the group to the watercolour made by Warren Editions. She will compare it to tube watercolour, which the group will also use for the technique.

The practical side will kick off with exercises. Kate will show how the PVC gets prepared and the particular manner in which the watercolour is applied to the PVC. While Kate demonstrates the methods the group will put into practice what they see, so as to avoid a delay between seeing and implementing.

Session 2: Sat 11 February
Kate will take stock of the outcomes of session 3 by way of discussing with the group the water-based monotype technique’s richness, versatility and its merits.

Following the discussion, Kate will demonstrate the layering aspect of water-based monotype, which entails printing over an existing impression. The purpose of session 4 is to print over impressions printed in session 3 and/or printed during session 4. Using reference images and ideas you have collected during the week, come ready to spend the day printing.


Need to know

  • Plate size: approximately A4
  • Each participant is required to use their own source material / visual vocabulary for the workshop.
  • The prints will be pinned onto the wall in order to dry flat and for all to view during each session. All the prints can be taken home at the end of the workshop.


Making Watercolours Monotype Workshop Printmaking