Monday Night Sessions

Every Monday night the studio is open to ex-workshop participants and/or interns.


Time: 6pm – 9pm


Those with experience in printmaking and in a printmaking environment can also request to participate in the Monday Night Sessions.

Email to book your place.


Prices (incl. Vat)

1 Month (4 Sessions, must be used within 8 weeks) – R 1,300.00

3 Months (12 Sessions, must be used within 20 weeks) – R 3,315.00 (15% discount)

6 months (24 sessions, must be used within 32 weeks) – R 5,850.00 (25% discount)



  • There are 6 places available for each session. The session will take place with a minimum of 2 people.
  • Working autonomously is expected, however a technician is on duty.
  • Each person is responsible for his or her own stationary, metal plates, Brasso, PVC, linoleum, wood, carving tools, etching tools, ink, paint, brushes and paper.
  • Warren Editions will supply cleaning materials, grounds, asphaltum, tarlatan, brayers, gum rosin for aquatint, gum acacia for watercolour monotype.
  • Only intaglio, relief and monotype can be practiced at the studio.


Paper can be purchased from Warren Editions

Zerkall Intaglio 250gsm (107 x 76 cm) – R 96.50 / sheet

Zerkall Intaglio 704 300gsm (140 x 99 cm) – R 282 / sheet

Zerkall Litho 401 250gsm (76 x 53 cm) – R 72 / sheet

Zerkall Litho 402 270gsm (107 x 76 cm) – R 150 / sheet

Zerkall Litho 403 300gsm (120 x 80 cm) – R 238.50 / sheet


Metal such as copper and/or brass can be purchased at Non-Ferrous Metal Works, they do sell off-cuts. The large etching press can accommodate a metal sheet of maximum thickness of 1 mm and size of 100 x 200 cm. The blue press can accommodate the maximum thickness of 1 mm and size of 50 x 100 cm. Anything bigger will compromise the quality of your impression.