Zhané Warren in China

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8 – 18 May 2016

I’m attending the 1st meeting of the International Printmaking Organization Alliance (IPOA) in China, which is from 11 – 14 May. I was invited by the China Printmaking Museum in partnership with the Guanlan Printmaking Base to be part of this alliance. What an honour. The committee now consists of the following members myself (South Africa), Zhao Jiachun (China), Lorenzo de Castro (Venice), Jason Ruhl (USA), Brian Shure (USA), Karen Oremus, (UAE), Isabel Cauas (Chile), Ingrid Ledent (Belgium), Harumi Sonoyama (Japan), Dimitrije Pecić (Belgrade), Barbara Madsen (USA), Eng Joo Heng (Singapore), Sophie Dederen (Belgium) and all the heads of the Printmaking Departments at the universities in China. We elected Ingrid Ledent from Belgium as the chairman. The opening was held at the China Printmaking Museum in Shenzhen, in mainland China.

IPOA is an academic, united, industrial and professional nonprofit international organization that is formed by various printmaking organizations from around the globe. The headquarters is located at the China Printmaking Museum in Guanlan, Shenzhen. The communication platform will take shape in the form of a website where the members of IPOA can share information, exchange achievements and conduct collaborations.

International Printmaking Organization Alliance Articles of Association

The experience is surreal. The people are not what I expected yet also as I have seen on the movies and have been told about. The food strange and tasty, and beautiful to look at. And, they really do eat everything even lilies and daisies that are delicious. They love adding garlic and chilli to the dishes. And, drink tea all the time.

This is the paper I delivered on 12 May along with Lorenzo, Jason, Isabel, Brian and Sophie –

PDF Presentation shown 

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