Off the Press | New Editions & Monotypes

25 May – 31 August 2013

Encouraged by the enthusiastic reception of its inaugural show, 5 Years in Print, Warren Editions Projects presents, Off the Press: New Editions & Monotypes. The second in a series of by-monthly shows, foregrounding projects and artist collaborations facilitated by the studio, the exhibition features exciting new works by Michael Taylor, Hanneke Benadé, Marlise Keith, Georgina Gratrix and Christian Nerf.

In ‘Neighbour’, ‘Agent’ and ‘Handyman’ – a series of soft ground and aquatint etchings – the off-beat storytelling of Michael Taylor continues in a series of fictitious visual character-studies. Like singing in the shower, the isolation of these characters occasions a kind of intimate, comic drama. This playfulness extends to the large-scale monotypes of Marlise Keith, the collaborative exercises of Christian Nerf and, in a somewhat darker sense, the unsettling humour of Georgina Gratrix’s ‘Miss Lux’ and ‘The Exes’. In contrast, the technical virtuosity of Hanneke Benadé’s draught(wo)manship is brought to the fore in a series of meticulously executed hands, as well as ‘Profiel’ – all beautifully translated in print.