CMYK Linocut Workshop

CMYK Linocut Workshop is an introduction to Manual CMYK Colour Separation, the Linocut Technique and Hand Printing Techniques.

The linocut/relief printing process is the activity of rolling ink onto the top surface of a flat object, usually a woodblock or linoleum tile, to produce woodcuts or linocuts. And, The CMYK Linocut Process entails the carving, inking and printing an image with a range of colours, from four linoleum tiles – each for the process colours yellow, magenta, cyan & black.

You will learn this relief process along with how to carve. You will learn how to print by means of a roller press and by means of transmitting pressure onto the back of paper with a baren, wooden-spoon or any effective tool. The advantage of printing with a hand-held tool is that you can continue producing prints with the relief process (using woodblock and/or linoleum tile) at home.


2017; four consecutive Saturdays. Dates to be confirmed.


9am – 3pm.


R 2950*


small edition of linocut prints


Session one, Sat
You will be introduced to relief, linocut and the CMYK process. In this session you will learn how to separate your image, which you provide, (max size 280x200mm) into the four CMYK layers namely cyan, magenta, yellow and black. You will be taught how to carve, mix ink, prepare and register your paper. You will transfer your yellow layer onto a linoleum tile, carve and print onto dry paper either by hand or using a roller press.

Session two, Sat
Using the same imagery from the first session, you will transfer your magenta layer onto a new lino-tile, carve and print over the yellow, which you printed in the first session.

Session three, Sat
Continuing from the second session you will transfer your cyan layer onto a new lino-block, carve and print over the yellow and magenta.

Session four, Sat
Continuing from the third session you will transfer your black layer onto a new lino-block, carve and print over the yellow, magenta and cyan.


  • Linoleum size: 23 x 17 cm
  • Each participant is required to use their own carving tools and source material / visual vocabulary for the workshop. 
  • The prints will be left to dry on the drying rack after each session, these will be printed onto in the next session, until a full CMYK colour palette is reach at the end of the fourth session. 
  • Bring along your own carving tools and apron; if you don’t have one then there are available at the studio to wear.



TERMS for participating in a workshop

Your participation in a workshop is secured upon payment and Warren Editions cannot reimburse the fees.

If you cancel your participation 14 full days or more before the workshop starts, the fee you paid can go towards the next workshop. To participate in the next workshop, you will need to pay the outstanding amount – if the workshop fee has increased. Also, participation in the next workshop depends on available spots. Alternatively, you can arrange to have a friend take your place or sell your spot.

If your cancellation is less than 14 full days before the workshop starts and Warren Editions is unable to find a replacement, then 50% will be deducted from the original fee paid. In order to participate in the next workshop you will need to pay the outstanding amount – bearing in mind that the next workshop fee might be more than originally paid.

Warren Editions reserves the right to re-schedule the dates of a workshop or cancel a workshop.
Click on the link above to watch a short animation on CMYK, it’s “a dizzying celebration of sound, colour and movement. Here, multitudes of CMYK symbols, pulled off flaps of cereal boxes and other common printed materials, have been isolated and assembled. Freed from their workaday origins, these objects become moving artwork. Coloured dots pulsate, crosshairs roll and primary shapes dance. The result: an unrestrained riot of colour and energy.”