Warren Editions sells materials used in printmaking, which are hard to come by for the individual in South Africa.


The studio also offers various services to printmakers, including steel-facing of copper and brass plates.


Below is a list of materials.

Contact the studio if you want more information of a specific material or want to purchase. 



Warren Editions sells paper that can be used for etching, lithography, monotype, relief, chine collé, letterpress, screenprint, drawing, ink washes, pastel, sumi-e and photo print processes such as cyanotype, carbon printing, platinum printing, etc.

Price: R10 to R295 per sheet

Information on the available paper types



A bone folder is used for folding paper, in tearing paper down to size and bookbinding.

Price: R170 each

bone folder



Ethanol, a colourless liquid commonly called grain alcohol, is a cleaning solvent. When mixed with shellac flakes results in liquid shellac.

Price: R43,50 per 1 L



Gum arabic is known as gum acacia in the industrial industry in South Africa. It’s used for sealing or buffering the PVC surface for water-based monotype and mixed with ferric chloride to use for spitbite aquatint.

Price: R40,50 per 100 grams



The gum rosin available from the studio is colophony rosin in crystal form. The crystals must be ground to powder, which is placed in an aquatint box or applied by hand.

Price: R50,00 per 100 grams



The studio makes watercolour for water-based monotype. This allows for intense colours that can be spread and pooled over large areas without losing the vibrancy of the colour as a result of the adding of water.

Price: From R70,00 per 5 ml

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The thickness is 100 microns by 102 cm. The polyester can be used for registration sheets that are placed on the steel bed of the etching press. It can also be used for the wrapping of prints or any other art on paper.

Price: R35,00 per 1 meter

Kate Arthur Print Panels



Wheat starch powder is cooked to make wheat starch paste. The paste is used for chine collé.

Price: R15,00 per 100 gram