Make an Etching

How to make an etching of which the composition comprises of the linear and tonal.


DATES of the workshop



20, 21, 22 & 23 February 2018 – COMPLETE

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TIMES of the workshop

9:30 – 15:00


COST of the workshop



Session 1

Explanation: What is etching?

Explanation: How do you make an etching? You make a composition with a single or a variety of etching techniques.

Context: If the image’s visual construct is linear and tonal.

How to use the linear and tonal to make a print.

Explanation: What is hardground etching (linear) and stepbite aquatint (tonal)?

Explanation: How to use hard ground etching (linear) and stepbite aquatint (tonal) to make a print. 

Explanation: How to deconstruct a photograph, to make an etching of it.


Demonstration: The preparation of a copperplate for etching.

Demonstration: The technique hardground etching, which is used to make linear marks.

The participants will put into practice the processes shown by applying it to making an etching of their own.

Session 2

The participants continue and complete the hardground etching on their copperplate.

Demonstration: Wiping and printing a copperplate with hardground etching.


Session 3

Demonstration: The technique stepbite aquatint, which is used to make tonal values.

Demonstration: Wiping and printing a copperplate with hardground etching and aquatint.

The participants will put into practice the processes shown by applying it to their own etching.


Session 4

The participants continue with the aquatint technique and complete etching their copperplate.

And, print a few prints from their copperplate.


Need to know

  • Plate size: approximately 20 x 25 cm
  • Each participant is required to use their own source material / visual vocabulary for the workshop.
  • Each participant is required to bring along stationary.
  • Bring along your own apron, if you have one.  If you don’t have one, then there are aprons available at the studio to wear.
  • The prints will be pinned onto the wall in order to dry flat and for all to view during each session. All the prints can be taken home at the end of the workshop.
  • The workshop can only host 8 participants.
  • The workshop will only take place with a minimum of 6 participants.


Instructor of the workshop is Zhané Warren.
Warren, a Master Printer, is the founder and director of Warren Editions, and is the collaborating printer on many of the projects at Warren Editions.



To sign up for the workshop, email Zhané Warren at or phone 021 461 6070.


The TERMS for participating in the workshop are:

Your participation in the workshop is secured upon payment.

If you cancel your participation in the workshop, you can arrange to have a friend take your place or sell your spot. If neither is possible for you and no new participant signs up for the workshop then Warren Editions is unable to reimburse you.

Warren Editions reserves the right to re-schedule the dates of the workshop. And, Warren Editions will consider your schedule when establishing new dates. If Warren Editions cancels the workshop then 100% of the fee will be reimbursed to you.