Bookbinding Workshop

Bookbinding Workshop – Accordion Spine & Pamphlet Stitch


Bookbinding is the process of fastening together multiple pages which make up a given book and covering the result. Given the changes which have occurred in the past 25 or 30 years, both in structural technique and artistic presentation, the subject is complex and often controversial.


Traditionally the process is divided into two phases namely the ‘forwarding’ phase followed by the ‘finishing’ phase. The ‘forwarding’ phase is all the steps that eventually culminates in a ‘book’. The ‘finishing’ phase is the adding of a cover to the book and the decorating thereof.

There is a difference between eastern and western binding – in the look and the making.

With the eastern binding the sheets are lightweight and relatively transparent; resulting in only the one side being printed on. The leaves are folded so that the printed side is closer to the folded side and the sewing is opposite the fold through the edges of the two loose halves. Also, the books in the eastern style do not open flat.

With the western binding style the sheets are medium- to heavyweight and dense (opaque) enough to print on both sides. And, the sewing of the folded leaves is done through the fold of the leaf.


For the bookbinding workshop the Accordion Spine with the Pamphlet Stitch methods will be demonstrated:

Bookbinding Workshop Tools

The look and function of this book is based on what the book might contain, such as digital photographs already printed onto the paper that will be used as the leaves of the book or other matter namely drawings, etchings, relief prints, silver gelatin prints, polaroid prints or other ephemera that is adhered to the pages of the completed book. In this event the accordion spine expands to accommodate the added matter.


DATES of the workshop

14 & 15 March 2018


TIMES of the workshop

9:30 – 15:00


COST of the workshop



Need to know

  • Book size: approximately 12 x 15 cm
  • Each participant is required to bring along a ruler, NT cutter, clutch pencil, eraser, scissors.
  • The workshop can only host 8 participants.
  • The workshop will only take place with a minimum of 6 participants.


Instructor of the workshop is Zhané Warren.
Warren, a master printer, is the founder and director of Warren Editions, and is the head printer on many of the projects at Warren Editions.



To sign up for the workshop, email Jacqueline Flint at or phone 021 461 6070.


The TERMS for participating in the workshop are:

Your participation in the workshop is secured upon payment.

If you cancel your participation in the workshop, you can arrange to have a friend take your place or sell your spot. If neither is possible for you and no new participant signs up for the workshop then Warren Editions is unable to reimburse you.

Warren Editions reserves the right to re-schedule the dates of the workshop. Warren Editions will consider your schedule as far as possible when establishing new dates. If Warren Editions cancels the workshop then 100% of the fee will be reimbursed to you.