10 Women Photographers to Watch in 2020


On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2020, PH Museum invited Firecracker‘s founder Fiona Rogers to select 10 women photographers whose work is making an impact and underline why we should follow and support them.

Established in 2011, Firecracker is an online platform dedicated to supporting female photographers worldwide by showcasing their work and awarding an annual grant to enable an artist to fund her project.

Rogers selected South African photographer Tshepiso Mazibuko. She states “I was first introduced to Mazibuko’s work via the development project Of Soul And Joy, and have enjoyed seeing this young woman’s work expand over the years.  She’s enjoyed several exhibitions over the last few years, and won the Tierney Fellowship in 2017. Hoping to see more of this Johannesburg based photographer this year.”


PH Museum showcases Mazibuko’s photogravure Mshaya’zafe Hostel – Warren Editions collaborated with her on the making of this print in 2018.

Tshepiso Mazibuko, photography, photogravure, prints
Tshepiso Mazibuko
Mshaya’zafe Hostel
Photogravure on Zerkall Intaglio 250gsm
Edition of 12
Paper dimensions: 36 x 38 cm
Image dimensions: 15 x 23 cm


New Monotypes by Janet Mbirimi

Janet Mbirimi lives in Cape Town with her two daughters and husband. And, grew up in the rural village Wedza (or Hwedza) in Zimbabwe. Wedza is in the province of Mashonaland East, located south of Harare.

Mbirimi works as a printer at the printmaking studio, Warren Editions. Her exposure and intense involvement in printmaking at the print studio led her to explore her own ‘language’ through etchings, woodcuts and monotypes. Her childhood geographic landscape is inextricably linked to her landscape of memories.