Workshops’ Showcase

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1 – 31 October 2015

Warren Editions has hosted a series of exciting printmaking workshops over the past 4 months. These Saturday sessions yield wonderful results as artists broaden their knowledge in a range of printmaking techniques.

Please join us for October 2015’s First Thursday 6-9pm to view a selection of works produced at these workshops. Exhibition is on for the month of October.

The first workshop took place in June. In the Intaglio workshop participants explored drypoint, hard ground and soft ground etching.

The CMYK Linocut workshop in July, participants were given four linoleum blocks, each for the process colours yellow, magenta, cyan & black to be carved, inked and printed on top of another to form an image containing a full range of colours.

In August the second Intaglio workshop focusing on the etching technique, Aquatint, was hosted. Participants got the opportunity to fully explore this challenging and exciting tonal etching technique.

Most recently finishing this September was the Monotype workshop. These “painterly prints” using oil based and water based mediums (including Warren Editions very own hand made watercolours) had participants produce wonderfully vibrant prints.