Warren Editions | Going Large!

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3 presses

November 2013








After months of waiting and all sorts of fun and games with cranes and hoists – not to mention a complete interior reshuffle of the studio – we are thrilled to announce the arrival of our gorgeous, she-monster of a printing press! Weighing in at over a ton and with a 1.5 x 3 metre bed, extra-EXTRA large prints are an exciting new reality at Warren Editions… That being said, just for good measure, and so not to err on the side of super-sizing everything, we ordered in a baby version too. With three custom-made presses, the team at Warren Editions can now happily print projects concurrently – in small, medium and LARGE!

Print fanatics and other interested parties are welcome to pop in and oggle anytime, otherwise visit us at Warren Editions Projects, currently showing the not-to-be-missed the super and large monotypes by Georgina Gratrix.