Kate Arthur | 2017

Kate Arthur has for the last 5 months been producing a myriad of shaped plates with aquatint and softground etching, toward three print panels made in collaboration with Yellowwoods Art.

Each print panel takes a close-up detail from a watercolour monotype in Arthur's ongoing the body portraits series. The image is deconstructed into 3-4 layers comprising individual shaped brass plates that have been worked with softground etching and tusche. Behind the layers of brass plates is printed a flat colour that anchors the image. 

The abstraction that occurs as a result of the zooming in and the deconstruction of the image is intriguing, especially considering the conceptual thrust of the body portraits, which aim to challenge dichotomous understandings of what we think we know about bodies. The print panels, like the watercolour monotypes that inspired them, challenge the viewer to think about bodies less in terms of ascriptions and assumptions, and with a greater sensitivity to the nuances of embodiment.

This project is the first time the studio has experimented with etching on our cotton substrate.