The monotype workshop is an introduction to oil-based monotype technique. Monotype is known for its painterly quality and a unique print is achieved. The techniques and methods taught are those that are practiced at Warren Editions.

An original fine art print is neither a reproduction, nor a copy. Rather, it is the outcome of an art making process, whereby an image is created on a surface, which is not that image’s final destination, as it is then transferred to another surface by means of pressure. In the case of printmaking, the ‘final home’ for the image is generally a piece of paper. In the creation of a monotype the surface onto which an artist paints does not hold any fixed information that can be printed more than once. Unlike the printing surface of an etching, which has been permanently etched and thus can be printed in an edition, the monotype exists as a once-off – a unique print. The artist’s spontaneity and impulsive gesture find their way to the plate/printing surface, which in the case of monotypes is a sheet of PVC; the revelatory and reversed manifestation comes to be when the paper is lifted from the printing surface to reveal the unique print.

A further distinction is that between the monoprint and monotype. A monoprint is one of a series; a part of an image is in constant existence on the plate and repeated in each print – a fixed element, as such. The monotype, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind pulled impression created by means of the artist working on a clean, un-etched flat surface. Integral to the monotype process is the final decision to print. When this intuitive leap is made and the artist is ready to stop their mark-making, the printing surface is laid on the press bed, the paper is placed over it and through the press it goes. Any remaining residue on the printing surface, known as the ghost, leaves a diminished trace of the subtle brush strokes, daubs and/or flat colour planes that are now the history to a newly printed image. A monotype has come to be!



View the photos of previous workshops.

View photos of Georgina Gratrix making oil-based monotypes in 2014.


DATES for the Monotype Workshop

13 & 14 February 2018


TIMES for the Monotype Workshop

9:30 – 15:00


COST for the Monotype Workshop



Clare Menck
Reductive Monotype
Unique Print


Session 1: Tuesday, 13 February
Zhané Warren will start the session by explaining monotype and the differences with monoprint, also that the monotype technique renders unique prints.

The practical side will kick off with exercises – Zhané will take the lead, working in trace, reductive and additive monotype methods. While Zhané is explaining, and implementing the methods, the group will also put into practice what they see, to avoid a delay between seeing and implementing. For these exercises, all the participants will use as a reference a portrait – supplied to the studio a week before, for the studio to prepare and print out.

In the afternoon, you will get started on making your own monotypes with colour combining brayer marks, brush marks, reductive, additive and masking methods. The most important aspect of the day is to explore the monotype applications as much as possible rather than sweating over creating final finished works.


Session 2: Wednesday, 14 February
Zhané will take stock of the outcomes of the first session by discussing with the group the monotype technique’s richness, versatility and its merits.

Following the discussion, Zhané will demonstrate the layering aspect of monotype, which entails printing over an existing impression, (using monotypes made on day 1) masking and printing wet-on-wet using two plates. Using reference images and ideas you have collected come ready to spend the day printing.









Need to know

  • Plate size: approximately A4
  • Each participant is required to use their own source material / visual vocabulary for the workshop.
  • Each participant is required to bring along stationary and soft- & hard paintbrushes.
  • Bring along your own apron, if you have one.  If you don’t have one, then there are aprons available at the studio to wear.
  • The prints will be pinned onto the wall in order to dry flat and for all to view during each session. All the prints can be taken home at the end of the workshop.
  • The workshop can only host 8 participants.
  • The workshop will only take place with a minimum of 6 participants.


Instructor for oil-based monotype workshop is Zhané Warren.
Warren, a master printer, is the founder and director of Warren Editions, and is the head printer on many of the projects at Warren Editions.



To sign up for the Monotype Workshop, email Zhané Warren at or phone 021 461 6070.


The TERMS for participating in the Monotype Workshop are:

Your participation in the Monotype Workshop is secured upon payment.

If you cancel your participation in the Monotype Workshop, you can arrange to have a friend take your place or sell your spot. If neither is possible for you and no new participant signs up for the workshop then Warren Editions is unable to reimburse you.

Warren Editions reserves the right to re-schedule the dates of the Monotype Workshop. And, Warren Editions will consider your schedule when establishing new dates. If Warren Editions cancels the Monotype Workshop then 100% of the fee will be reimbursed to you.


Hugh Byrne monotype prints