Lessons in Transformation_The Speech

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13 August 2015



Performance by Katherine Bull & Warren Editions – at Cape Town City Hall second floor at 17:30 on 13 August 2015

Lessons in Transformation_The Speech is a site-specific performance by Katherine Bull and Warren Editions dedicated to the occasion of Nelson Mandela making his first public speech on the front steps of the City Hall in Cape Town on 11 February 1990 – the day of his release from prison. This collaborative performance is part of EDITIONS CPT and the Open Design Festival.
Katherine Bull will engrave onto perspex sheets the projecting moving image of Mandela’s speech. The artist will distill the moving image by separating it into the four process colours – yellow, magenta, cyan and black. These will become the printing blocks for a colour combination print. Printing will take place while Bull is engraving the printing blocks. Bringing together a partnership between mark-making and the capturing of these marks in an impression formed by ink on substrate. The performance spreads out in two rooms – one dedicated to a satellite studio space for Warren Editions. The imprint of the printing blocks over one another blends the four process colours into a full chroma of the moving image interpreted by Katherine Bull.