The act of printing has always seemed to me a miracle, just such a miracle as the growing up of a tiny seed of grain to an ear—an everyday miracle, even the greater because it happens every day. One drawing is sown on the stone or the etching plate, and a harvest is reaped from it.

–Vincent van Gogh

It’s that time of year again, and what better time to start a print collection, add to an already established one, or give a gift that will stand the test of time.

Collecting prints is one of the best – and smartest – ways to add to your collection. If you’re just starting out, it’s also a fabulous way to get into collecting art.

The nature of the print workshop is experimental and collaborative. Artists are often out of their comfort zones, and so they naturally go beyond their usual limits. Because of this – and the transformative nature of the press – a stint in the workshop often leads to the broadening and deepening of an artist’s practice, across all their chosen media.

Here are a few resources from print experts to get you going:

An Expert’s Tips on Collecting Prints
What New Collectors Need to Know About Buying Prints


We’ve put together a few suggestions to suit different pocket depths. Prints range from R2 000, for those just starting out, to above R20 000, for the seasoned and serious collector.

Choose from the selection below, or come and visit us in studio for a broader selection.

R5 000 – R10 000


Diane Victor
Soft ground etching and spitbite aquatint on Zerkall Litho 270gsm
Edition of 30
Paper dimension: 70,2 x 50,8 cm
Image dimension: 44,5 x 34,8 cm

Price  R8000 excl. vat

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Clare Menck
Turende windhond
Monotype on Zerkall Intaglio 250gsm
Unique Print
Paper dimension: 38 x 53,5 cm
Image dimension: 18,9 x 31,7 cm

Price R9000 excl. vat

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BM_MrEntitled-16sfweb BM_MrsEntitled-16sfweb

Brett Murray
Mrs Entitled / Mrs Entitled
Aquatint on Somerset Textured Soft White 300gsm
Edition of 20
Paper dimension: 51,5 x 44,5 cm
Image dimension: 33 x 26,5 cm

Price R6000 excl. vat each

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Katherine Bull
www.westincapetownview.com_1a_T.S.G (P2)_left & right hand
Soft ground etching on Zerkall Intaglio 250gsm
Edition of 3
Paper dimension: 35,6 x 63,5 cm
Image dimension: 19,8 x 49,2 cm

Price R9900 excl. vat

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Sanell Aggenbach
Spitbite aquatint and lift ground aquatint on Zerkall Intaglio 250gsm
Edition of 12
1 print left
Paper dimension: 42,5 x 53,5 cm
Image dimension: 29.5 x 39.5 cm

1 Print left of the edition | Framed Price R8900 excl. vat

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Gerhard Marx
Binocular Skull 1
Hard ground etching on Zerkall Intaglio 250gsm
Edition of 20
Paper dimension: 45 x 54,7 cm
Image dimension: 22,7 x 32,2 cm

Price R8500 excl. vat

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Bangikaya Maqoqa
The early bird
Monotype on Zerkall Intaglio 250gsm
Unique Print
Paper dimension: 87,1 x 66,5 cm
Image dimension: 44,4 x 64,7 cm

Price R9120 excl. vat

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Ina van Zyl
Edition of 20
Four plate Photo-polymer on Zerkall Intaglio 250gsm
Image dimension: 32,5 x 19 cm
Paper dimension: 72,3 x 53,5 cm

Price R6800 excl. vat