Steered by Master Printmaker and founder Zhané Warren, Warren Editions is a dynamic printmaking studio. In collaboration with both established and emerging artists, Warren Editions produces and publishes high quality original fine art prints. Established in October 2007, Warren Editions is in its 11th year of operation. Warren Editions balances a commitment to traditional processes with a creative and flexible attitude. The studio specialises in the intaglio techniques of etching and photogravure, as well as monotype and relief.

At Warren Editions, value is placed on projects that contribute meaningfully to the discourse of contemporary art and culture in South Africa. If there’s a word that encapsulates what happens at Warren Editions, it’s ‘collaboration’. Warren Editions facilitates a relationship between artist and printmaker – a dialogue of praxis, creative experimentation and technical expertise. Warren Editions collaborates with established artists as well as emerging ones – visual practitioners who share a belief in printmaking as a contemporary medium. For the artist, realising a project at Warren Editions is an exploratory process, guided by the meeting of the visions of artist and printer. As the Master Printer, Zhané Warren is personally involved in all projects – sharing her experience and knowledge, introducing appropriate techniques and encouraging artists to explore various possibilities in order to discover, in print, their own visual language. This sort of layered collaboration between artist and studio, the partnering of play and organisation that is printmaking, invariably leads to new and exciting directions in an artist’s practice.

Warren Editions fosters a culture of learning with regard to printmaking. A pedagogue at heart, Zhané runs workshops on intaglio and monotype. The studio also runs an active internship programme, in which interns spend two months working in the studio, learning valuable printmaking skills within an organised environment. Works made at Warren Editions are available for purchase. Alternatively prints can be viewed and purchased online. Warren Editions participates annually in all of the South African art fairs, namely the Cape Town Art Fair, FNB Joburg Art Fair and Turbine Art Fair. Warren Editions also expanded into the international art fair arena, taking part in the Editions / Artists’ Book Fair in New York in November 2016.

Among the many exciting collaborations pursued in 2016 were a direct gravure project with Diane Victor, which captured her smoke drawings in print; a linocut project with Dan Halter, using the image of the rock formation that appears on the now defunct Zimbabwean dollar in a range of different colours, satirising the release of the currency in increasingly outrageous denominations; a monotype project with Michael Taylor, for which the studio developed its own watercolours; and a monotype project with Mia Chaplin, the painter’s first sustained engagement with the medium.

In 2017, the studio has been geared for another year of art fairs and workshops, events, exhibitions and collaborations, including further direct gravure projects with Diane Victor; photogravure projects with numerous artists, including one with Garth Meyer; monotypes with Hugh Byrne; a large-scale woodcut project with Kagiso Patrick Mautloa and an intaglio project with Kate Arthur.

Cinga Samson is the artist collaboration taking up much of the studio’s time in 2018 along with embarking on an epic move. The studio moved out of the city to calm and non-interruption. The studio is now nestled amongst trees and the sounds of birds. Located on the edge of the Cape Point Nature Reserve, in de Oude Weg – 4 km from Kommetjie.

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